League Rules:

) Season will last a total of 20 weeks.
2) You may only play the same person a maximum of twice.
3) You may only play one league game a week. - (I know some of you want to play more, but we have to find balance here between the casual gamer and the more hardcore. You can always play friendlies :P)
4) You need to have played a minimum of eight games for your league points to count towards your final league standing.
5) League points are calculated via the GRR (GOBBLe Relative Ranking) system. Basically it's win % (rounded up) plus TD differential. A tie counts as half a win. All you need remember is the more you win and the more you score the better your league ranking :D
6) There will be a Cup competition. If we have more than 16 coaches the draw is made at week 4. Otherwise it will be week 8. Each round will be drawn every four weeks after that. These games do NOT count towards your GRR, but do count for SPPs, injuries, winnings etc.
7) The commissioner will bare no responsibility for lost rosters…so there!!!!

Reiksland League

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