Ak Squik Ton Stabberly

Adam Whincup Presents

Ak Squik Ton Stabberly
Origin - Dark Landz

And we is Orcs!!

Boss Man - Hairy Vunderballz

Da Thrower
Bravid Passum

Black Orcs
Maul Gashgoin
Fang Lamp'Ard
Grimmy Bonez

Line Orcs
Geary Linebreaker
Mungreal Own-him
Smegum Smeerum
Poz Sculmz

Da Gobbo
Waugh Runny

Dis teem cam fromz da lower leagues of da orc teemz. Day hav some big unz ta do da smashin' and some little unz ta does da runnin' but it is a stinky lil gobbo. Day appered on some thing on da oggle box, which said uz namez. Now we wan ta do some smashin' in the big leagues.

We cam for da Bashin', stayed for the smashin' and does it well. Smash and Bash and drinkin'

Waugh for the Nuffle god and some bashin' too.

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