Eataine Avengers

Your name: Dan

Team Name: Eataine Avengers
Team Value: 1690000 (currently 1600000 due to injury)
Team Race: HighElf
Rerolls: 3
Fan Factor: 6
Coaches: 2

Named after heroes and Phoenix Kings of old and now (not their real names of course, no self respecting High elf would give his name to commoners), the Eataine Avengers are a team assaembled from the nobles and high merchant classes of Lothern in distant Ulthuan.

#1 - Caledor - Thrower
Pass, Safe Throw, Block, Strong arm

Once a contender for the Phoenix Throne, Caledor now uses his hawk-eyed glare to throw a bloodbowl ball. Having achieved 12 completions from 12 in his first four games, he shows that none can beat a high elf for accuracy.

#2 - Teclis - Thrower
Pass, Safe Throw, Block

A recent addition to the team, Teclis has made but one appearence, but what a show! Throwing a long bomb into the endzone for a TD pass, and achieving another completion, he felt that he should have had the MVP. Still it wasnt to be that day, maybe due to the unfortunate fumble in the same game.

#3 - Aenarion - Blitzer
Block, Dodge, Tackle

Having shown a vicious streak somewhat against the nicety of most elves, Aenarion has inflicted three casualties, the worst of which was the smashing of the skull of Minky of Toothilicious, causing him to need an eyepatch and be somewhat more fragile. He has also recieved two passes which he has converted to TDs.

#4 - Tyrion - Blitzer
Block, Dodge

While not having the mean streak of Aenarion, or the flair of the teams throwers, Tyrion is a solid performer, always there to throw the essential blocks. This is recognised by his two MVPs from 4 games.

#5 - Imrik - Catcher
Catch, Block, -1 MA

Despite suffering a smashed hip in the first game of the season, Imrik has shown that nothing can stop a true high elf, running in a total of 4 TD's past the defences of the lesser races. On a side note, he suffered the same injury to the OTHER hip in a recent game, but young Alarielle, the team medic, was on hand to treat him and fix it up.

#6 - Korhil - Catcher
Catch, Block, Dodge, Diving Catch

The quintessential high elven catcher, Korhil has evaded defence on five occasions to narrowly keep him ahead of Imrik's total number of TD's.

#7 - Aethis - Catcher
Catch, +1 ST

A new addition to the team, Aethis has yet to play a match.

#9 - Eltharion - Lineman

#11 - Caradryan - Lineman
-1 MA

#13 - Caradryel - Lineman

#9 thru #14 - Linemen

Some mercantile elves, hired to stand in the way of the oppositions more homicidal players, these skill-less players have a little going for them. Although two of them have picked up MVP awards, thats more likely for comedy errors such as having a pass intercepted, fumbling the ball, and getting humourously punched in the face by a big guy than for any real talent on show. Still who knows, one or two may become decent players …. one day.

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