The Wrathy Crushers

Stewart Robert McCrimmon Keating presents for your assistance

The Wrathy Crushers

Led by the enemy of the head coach of the Fiddling Jawbones, the master of the wrathy crushers has gathered men from across the void to do battle with his sacred enemy.

Snow Troll

Skills: Loner, Claws, Disturbing presence, Frenzy, Wild Animal, Mighty Blow.

A full Alzerian mutant, Adric is hated by almost everyone he meets, however he has so far impressed with four mutilations against various opponents. No-one likes him though, they say he smells funny.


Ian Chesterton
Skills: Block, Frenzy, Jump Up

Team Captain and beligerant nutter, this ex-science teacher thinks with his fists not his brain, a point proven with his first casualty against the Fiddling Jawbones.

Ricky Smith
Skills: Block, Frenzy, Jump Up

From an alternative universe Ricky has sex with his gran and fights cybermen.


Allistair Lethbridge-Stewart
Skills: Block, Dauntless

"The Brigadier" is an ex-military nut-job and team vice-captain. He prefers five-rounds rapid to tackling but they took away his guns, and his platoon and his little tank but that hasn't stopped him opening his TD account against the Fiddling Jawbones.


Jamie McCrimmon
Skills: Block

This mad-man from the Highlands is just hankering to get his dirk back and slip it in between your soft, vital flesh. Hoots man where's me haed? McCrimmon has so far hacked off an opposing Noresmans genitals.

Adam Mitchell
Skills: Block

This weedy looking sop is most likely going to die soon, unless his knowledge of bizzare weapons will help him out! So far so good as he rapes another Norseman to death!

Mickey Smith
Skills: Block

He's Mickey, not Rickey. Defender of…well wherever he is really, skilled in battle and with a slightly rubbery looking face.

Harry Sullivan
Skills: Block, +1 AG

By far and away the best player on the team and receiver of two MVP's so far, Harry used to be the team Doc but earned himself the mocker "Butcher" so they put him in the team.

Vislor Turlogh
Skills: Block

Despite excelling in the last game it was Sullivan who pipped him to the MVP. This ginger headed twerp is looking to hide from the black-guardian amidst other wierdo's

Mike Yates
Skills: Block

Once a Captain serving under the Brig, now Yatesey just wants to hurt civilians and maim the weak.


Jack Harkness
Skills: Block, Frenzy, Jump Up

Hated by his team coach, Captain Jack, as he llikes to be known, was the cause of his teams firts loss as his mistakes led to both touchdowns by their opponents. He was subsequently drugged before a game and ripped apart by a dinosaur.

Skills: Block

A very pointless creature that seems to exist to annoy us. Let's hope he dies. He did. Yay.


Ben Jackson
Skills: Block, Dauntless. -1 AG

This ex-royal navy marine has proven himself in battle time and again and now comes to the bloodbowl arena to duff people up and headbutt them into next week. Having been severely crippled by another dinosaur he gave up the game.

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