The Fiddling Jawbones

The Fiddling Jawbones

The Fiddling Jawbones, a team of exquisite ladies plucked from time and space by the Lord of Time, or whatever.

The team of Zons from Highfield come to thwart your manliness. This is what your up against, just so as you know.

Team Value: 1,940,000
Fan Factor: 8
Re-Rolls: 6
Cheerleaders: 3
Assistant Coaches: 4


Skills: Block, Dodge, Surehands, Sidestep

Team Captain Romana has shown her proficiency with the ball, with a completion and three touchdowns, awarded the MVP in the first game against the Chaos Pact known as the Ruinous Powers. Now racking up the casualties with a murder or two against the Skavenblight Scourge she is force to be reckoned with. Despite her shocking performance, which led to the first defeat to the Murder of Crows, she retains captaincy and somehow earned an MVP.

Leela of the Sevateem
Skills: Block, Dodge, Jump Up, Guard.

Team Vice-Captain Leela proved the visciousness of the amazon in the earliest games with two fatalities, coupled with a brace of Touchdowns and a completion. Following a slew of quiet games and the threat of losing her vice captaincy to Ace she has returned to form with a stunning self made touchdown a mutilation in the epic win against the Eataine Avengers and maiming in the tie against the Tic Tac Ticklers.

Sarah Jane Smith
Skills: Block, Dodge, Guard.

A developing talent Sarah Jane fancies herself a thrower in the making with a hatful of completions, and after picking up her first casualty against the murder of crows she has begun to show skills in the line of scrimmage with some casualties. She has also opened her scoring account with a fortunate TD against the Tic Tac Ticklers.

Dorothy Gale McShane "Ace"
Skills: Block, Dodge, guard, Sidestep.

The youngest of the four Blitzers and most definately eager to prove herself, she was recently badly hurt in a battle against the Wrathy Crushers. However she has picked up rapidly, opening the scoring against the Murder of crows, and following in with a completion and a casualty. Following up her excellent performance she has managed a number of completions, a casualty and was awarded the MVP thrice to propel her firmly into the limelight, many now believe that she is now a stronger candidate for vice-captain.


Zoe Herriot
Skills: Dodge, Block

Developing rapidly, this exciting young talent from the Wheel in Space has already managed a touchdown and is angling for more but started to show her more dangerous side with her first casualty against the Eataine Avengers and a following casualty against the Mars Marauders kicks her into the realm of the veteran. She continues her progress with more mauling against the Norse, her casualties now stand at 4.

Martha Jones
Skills: Dodge

Snapped up from the ranks, the previous apothecary is now a line-woman. Despite her infatuation with the head coach she has been allowed to play among the pros. She has a lot to live up to as she takes over from the legendary and now dead Dodo Chaplett.

Susan Foreman
Skills: Dodge, Block

The Granddaughter of the Head Coach, many wondered if she is merely along due to her family lineage. However a mazy run, followed by a crippling tackler on the ball carrier against the murder of crows, a brutalising of a Fjords of Misrule Ulfwerner and a slaying against the Eataine Avengers shows there is something to this Time Lady terror after all.

Tegan Jovanka
Skills: Dodge, Block, tackle.

The Vicious Jovanka has proven herself a true antipodean sister of battle with four fatalities one of which also earned her the MVP of the game. A touchdown shows that she is really an all round superstar.

Sara Kingdom
Skills: Dodge, Block.

This fearsome warrior princess has stormed her way into the first team on sheer talent alone. Three casualties have made her a crowd pleaser and despite no MVP's this line-woman continues her development.

Liz Shaw
Skills: Dodge

More interested in science than battle she has bougt her precision skills to the Bloodbowl pitch, whether logic will win out over brutality is still a mystery. Despite tepid performances she managed the MVP against the Tic Tac Ticklers.

Victoria Waterfield
Skills: Dodge, +1 AG, Block.

There is no doubt that Victoria's horrific past is inspiring her, having already been dragged off of a severely wounded Marauder and a bleeding Wood Elf. A final brutal mauling of a Norseman has proven that Nippy Vicky to truly be dubbed "Crazy Waterfield". After her success as a brutaliser she has been employed as a ball carrier, a roll she has embraced opening her account against the Eataine Avengers and upping the tally v.s the Mars Marauders. Now proving that she excels at both she scored twice and brutalised once against the Tic Tac Ticklers. Her tally now stands at 5 after yet another against the Fjords of Misrule.

Babs Wright
Skills: Dodge

This demure history teacher was once an Incan princess who watched over many blood sacrifices, so far though we have yet to see her full potential, spending a lot of time on the sidelines.


Rose Tylor
Skills: Dodge, Pass, Accurate, +1 AG, Block.

In her début game Rose Tylor proved herself more a catcher than a thrower, receiving a pass from her team captain and running it in for a dream TD on her first appearance and making and scoring her second against the Skavenblight Scourge. A real crowd favourite, she has now begun to show her chucking talent leading the completions for the team and now having picked up the MVP against the Mars Marauders her new found agility should really help her develop her skills. She has since won the fans love throwing seven completions against the Tic Tac Ticklers to secure an epic draw. After such success she has reached the giddy heights of 22 completions after 5 games in a truly inspiring performance against the Fjords of Misrule.


Perpugilliam Brown
Skills: Dodge, Catch, +1 AG, Block.

Straight from the bench to stardom, Peri scored both touchdowns in her début against the Wrathy Crushers in the cup, a fantastic performance in which she KO'd the same player 4 times. Peri continues to impress with yet another two TD's against the Eataine Avengers and another against the Mars Marauders making it an average of 2 a game for this sexy young bitch. She continues her run of form scoring the winner against the Fjords of Misrule.

Jo Grant
Skills: Dodge, Catch.

Signed up as an assistant to the head coach this cheeky young wench has been signed up to the team to keep her away from the wandering palms of any welsh professors. She did little to impress on her début against the Fjords of Misrule.

Team Apothecary

Novice Hane: A freaky Cat Person with a gun who looks after a giant head. 'Nuff Said.


Dodo Chaplett
Skills: Dodge, Block, Tackle.

A steady player who has been awarded the MVP for her performancea against Mnt Gunbad's Orcs and the Skavenblight Scourge against whom she opened the scoring. Dodo has now advanced even further after pulling one back against the Wood Eleven menace.

Eventually Dodo met her end against the Wrathy Crushers in the cup, defending the ball carrier who went on to score for the win. Her comrades ate her as a mark of respect and Martha Jones, the new number 6 wears he breast protectors as ear muffs now.

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